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To One in City

Come back, come back, 'tis Nature bids you come!
  Come back once more to tarn and tangled wood, -
  Come back to glen, and stream, and torrent flood, -
Come back, and 'mid the woodlands make your home:

Too long you quit the birds, the flowers, the dome
  Of forest-boughs, - the dell, where once you stood
  Life-thrilled, and living knew that life was good;
Too long you miss the bees, the busy hum
  Of painted bodies, and the ceaseless stir
  Of wings, - the sounds, the joy, the passing whirr
Of drone, or dragon-fly, - these, these and thine,
  And yet you have them not, - what have you then ?
  The dusky shapes, and care-worn ways, of men:
Come back, come back, to Nature and her shrine.

Samul Waddington